The outsourcing of your supply chain activities is an important step and the ability of a supplier to react to the requirements of your Sales, Purchasing or Production departments is a consideration which cannot be underestimated.

Because of this, our service offering is not limited to the perfect accuracy in the core warehousing activities (stock receipt, inventory control, order receipt and preparation, shipping, delivery) but also extends to the more complex activities of kitting, packaging, management of foodstuffs (Haccp, item and carton traceability, batch, sub-batch and expiry date diligence), returns management, trade fair and promotional materials, products not-fit for sale (used or goods for testing) and naturally, we offer a just in time solution for Customers with high-priority orders.

Information Technology


All information is managed by our RF-enabled warehouse management system, which is SQL based and accessible via Internet. Our system interfaces with you, thereby allowing you to monitor the status of your orders and your stock levels in real time.
Radiofrequency and barcode scanning technologies ensure that stock levels are continually updated and facilitate the full traceability of goods and the optimisation of warehouse layouts and picking routes. Our system is interfaced with those of the distribution networks that we use. In this way we guarantee the timelines of our despatching and let you have a one-line tracking shipments.
Our system allows for on-line shipping of orders, as well as track & trace.
We give visibility at every stage of the logistics process.



The deep know-how that we bring, derives from many years involved in the management of supply chain activities within a diverse range of product sectors. This makes Prisma the obvious choice for those companies wishing to perform a health-check on their freight management and logistics activities. We undertake in-depth and objective study of your supply chain organisation which seeks to safeguard the value-added resources that exist within your business, and we suggest a comparison between your current related spend with the likely spend with solutions of our experts.

Our areas of expertise are: replenishment of production materials (by road, sea, air), warehouse management, delivery management of finished goods (national, international, retail, industrial).
It is then up to you to consider if our proposals fit your requirements and quantify the value that they can create for you.